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Surgeon Simulator

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Surgeon Simulator – is a very interesting simulator in which you will operate as a surgeon and your patient will be Bob. Pretty often something dangerous threatens Bob`s life as he permanently gets in some unusual situations. You have to take care of the constant unlucky patient, perform the most complex and insane operation. Bob`s life depends on you. Surgeon Simulator is a crazy game in which young surgeon treats a patient Bob, replacing his organs. In 2013, after its release, the game literally blew the whole internet offering a pretty simple and clear concept of a virtual surgeon. The camera is controlled with two fingers through rotation, if you press any object it will automatically get into your hand. It is only left to indicate the place where selected item will be used to help out dear patient Bob. But everything is not that simple. You can never predict patient`s organs behavior. You can accidentally cut the intestine or break all of his edges. To do everything accurately you have very large amount of various surgical instruments in your arsenal such as: scalpels, hammer, scissors, syringes, tweezers and, most importantly, operable person himself in the middle of the screen. But be careful with them, do not damage your patient, and try not to forget any tool inside him. You’ll have to hold tens of operations from simple heart surgery up to brain transplantation. But most important is still the fact that you can help your patient. Try to select the right tool, otherwise Bob will die quickly, will lose a lot of his blood or will get a painful shock. We wish you a pleasant stay; I hope you can help the poor Bob.

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